Welcome to Optical On The Bricks in Arlington Heights, Fort Worth, TX.

Providing Exceptional Vision Care and Optical Services for Every Patient

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Optical On the Bricks

Welcome to Optical On The Bricks

in Arlington Heights, Fort Wort, TX.

Providing Exceptional Vision Care and Optical Services for Every Patient

We Stand for Respect, Professionalism and Customer Service.

Located in the Cultural District of Fort Worth, TX in Arlington Heights.

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At Optical on the Bricks, our dedication is to providing exceptional eye and vision health care, combined the full range of optical services. Our eye doctors take the time to deliver personalized and thorough care. What matters to our patients is what matters to us! When it comes to optical, we are commited to providing superior customer service catering to all your vision and optical needs in a way that’s fast, efficient, and comfortable for you. Come visit our Fort Worth office, located in Arlington Heights.

Our modern clinic, located in the cultural district of Fort Worth, is fully equipped with the latest technology and cutting-edge equipment. Just like our progressive and upbeat neighborhood of Arlington Heights, our eye doctor ― Dr. Jeremy Loy ― are always up to speed with the rapid developments in treatments and methods in optometry. We’re proud to the most up-to-date and dedicated vision care. Our commitment is to promoting life-long eye health. Vision that’s as good as possible, for as long as possible.

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Eye Exams in Arlington Heights

We provide a complete range of thorough eye exams with the aim to ensure maximal eye health. Beyond refractive exams, we screen for many serious complications including diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, and more.

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Blue Light Protection

Blue light radiation is emitted from television screens, electronic devices, fluorescent and LED lighting etc. Long term exposure can cause sore eyes, fatigue, and other complications.

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Focus on RGP Contact Lenses

Learn more about contact lenses and see if they are the right choice for you. We dispense most brands of contact lenses including hart-to-fit contacts, multi-focal contacts, orthokeratology, and more.

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New Arrivals at Optical on the Bricks


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think-compressedThink About Your Eyes is an awareness campaign to promote the importance of vision health and getting a comprehensive eye exam. Make an appointment today!

Boutique Optical on Camp Bowie in Arlington Heights

Our Boutique optical is located on Camp Bowie, serving Arlington Heights, Ridglea and the West Fort Worth Area. Our exceptional collection of boutique frames fits right into trendy Fort Worth. If your prescription is up-to-date, pop in anytime to take a look at all the fashionable eyeglasses we offer! Our optical staff will assist you to find the most flattering, eye-catching frames for your face. If you haven’t had your vision tested recently, please schedule an eye exam with our optometrist. Schedule an appointment today!

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A solid, positive relationship with our patients of all ages is the “brick” cornerstone of our practice.

To achieve this goal, we encourage you to ask questions and share any concerns that you may have. We’ll answer patiently, taking the time to fully address any issues that you’d like to discuss. Our partnership with you is vital for providing the highest level of eye care services, from monitoring your eyes to diagnosing and treating any potential ocular problems.

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Cataract Awareness and Prevention

It's National Cataract Awareness Month According to the World Health Organization, cataracts are responsible for 51% of cases of blindness worldwide - although this blindness is preventable with treatment. In fact, research shows that in...

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Why do I Need Regular Eye Exam?

glasses senior hispanic | optical on the bricks in fort worth TXWhile most people schedule regular check-ups with doctors and dentists, many are not aware of the importance of an annual visit to the eye doctor. Regular eye exams can be the key to the early detection and treatment of emerging vision problems, eye diseases, and a number of other health issues. When you come to a Fort Worth Optometrist for an eye exam, you will receive comprehensive service designed to find and correct any vision or eye issue. Don’t take good vision for granted, schedule an appointment today!

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  • Corneal Foreign Body Removal
  • Conjunctival Foreign Body Removal
  • Eyelash Epilation
  • Punctal Dilation
  • Canalicular Probing
  • Lacrimal Duct Closure
  • Removal of Foreign Body from the Lacrimal Passages
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Things to do and About Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth, TX is the fifth largest city in Texas. Oil surplus helped to grow the young state into the booming economy it is today! As the saying goes, "Everything's bigger in Texas".

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