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Ocular Surgery in Our Fort Worth Eye Care Clinic

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Our in-office surgical services include the following:

Corneal Foreign Body Removal

Any foreign object, such as a wood splinter, metal shaving, glass or grain of sand, which becomes lodged in your cornea (the protective covering of your eye), needs to be removed as soon as possible. This object may be stuck on the corneal surface or embedded deeper, and visual acuity may not be affected. However, when left there, a foreign body can lead to dangerous complications, such as infection and ocular necrosis.

Symptoms of a foreign object stuck in your cornea include:

  • Sensation of something in your eye, with discomfort or pressure
  • Eye pain
  • Extreme tearing
  • Excessive blinking
  • Bloodshot or red eyes
  • Pain when you look at light

Our eye doctors perform this procedure commonly in our Fort Worth clinic. We may apply a numbing eye drop to remove the foreign body and use a magnifier to help locate and remove the object. If we cannot extract the object with the aid of moist cotton swabs or flushing it out with water, we will use specialized instruments. After the procedure, our eye doctor may prescribe antibiotic ointment, especially if there are any corneal abrasions. When necessary, we will refer you to an ophthalmologist for further treatment.

Conjunctival Foreign Body Removal

The conjunctiva is a thin mucous membrane that coats your sclera, which is the white of your eye. It covers the moist area under your eyelids and spans to the edge of the cornea. It is common for foreign objects, such as dirt, sawdust, eyelashes, cosmetics and dried mucus, to become stuck on the conjunctiva during many everyday activities.

You will likely feel the presence of a conjunctival foreign body, as if grit or sand is stuck under your eyelid. Typically, it will not affect your visual acuity. When flushing your eye out with water does not remove the object, contact our Fort Worth office for assistance. Our eye doctors are experienced with conjunctival foreign removal, and we will remove the foreign body gently to prevent damage to your eye.

Eyelash Epilation

Epilation refers to the removal of hair from any part of your body. With eyelashes, epilation is done to treat the conditions of trichiasis and distichiasis, and the procedure must be performed under medical supervision. We may perform eyelash epilation using manual forceps or surgically.

Trichiasis is when eyelashes grow backwards and irritate your cornea; some causes include eyelid trauma, chemical burns, blepharitis, and ocular surgery. Distichiasis is when eyelashes grow behind your normal row of lashes, thereby forming a second line of eyelashes. This condition is caused either by an uncommon congenital disease, or due to chronic irritation and inflammation of the eye.

Punctal Dilation

This procedure is done to open the obstruction of your tear duct. A blocked tear duct interferes with healthy tear drainage, thereby causing excessive tearing and/or constant eye infections. Punctal dilation will bring relief from your symptoms of excess tears and decrease your risk of infection.

We may apply numbing eye drops before dilating your punctum – the opening to the tear drainage passages. This dilation is done so that we can irrigate your lacrimal passages with sterile saline, which will enable your tears to flow freely.

Canalicular Probing

We will perform probing to evaluate the health and status of your lacrimal tear drainage system. Safe and well tolerated by patients, this procedure provides important diagnostic information. Generally, we will use topical anesthesia, so that your experience is comfortable. Canalicular probing and irrigation is often done to assess injury or to help plan ocular surgeries.

Lacrimal Duct Closure

Also known as punctal plug insertion, this procedure aims to block the tear drainage system so that tears are better dispersed across the surface of your eye. Lacrimal duct closure can be used to effectively treat the symptoms of dry eye syndrome, Sjogren’s syndrome, keratitis, and recurrent corneal erosion. We will insert punctal plugs, usually composed of silicone, in a quick and painless procedure.

Removal of Foreign Body from the Lacrimal Passages

Your lacrimal passages must be clear and unobstructed so that tears drain properly. We will remove any foreign objects gently and surgically.

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